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Taj Mahal at Iron City

Rebecca Haack  | Published on 7/23/2018

Dear Magic City Blues Members:

As I hope you all know, 2018 represents the 25th Anniversary of our organization. It’s been an incredible run with lots of ups and downs, great friendships made, and when I think back over all the great music that the MCBS has supported over the years I am a bit in awe, quite frankly. 

To celebrate this tremendous milestone, the MCBS is proud to announce we have partnered with the good folks at Iron City to bring Taj Mahal to Birmingham on September 14, 2018, for a MCBS 25th Anniversary show. 

While I know that Taj Mahal needs no introduction to our membership I will add my opinion on this - he is without doubt on the very, very short list of the "World’s Greatest Living Bluesman.” 

Now for even more good news - due to the MCBS Sponsorship of this event, we have some special ticketing perks. Every MCBS membership “address” will be allowed a “buy one get one free” ticket purchasing opportunity. 
I want to be very clear here - this is not a "buy one get one free" for every membership - but for every membership HOUSEHOLD. For example, personally, I have a family membership with me, my wife, and my three children. Technically five members all on one household. This would enable me to ONE “buy one get one free” set of tickets. I am of course still free to buy more tickets at the regular price. 

And to even further clarify - this opportunity exists only for paid members as of July 22, 2018. The Board will review every single ticket purchased under this plan, and we maintain the right to cancel ticket purchases that do not abide by these requirements. 

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, July 27, at 10:00 a.m. There will be a special link for MCBS members on the ticketing page. Look for that link, and proceed with your purchase. 

I hope all of you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Jamey McMahon
Prez, Magic City Blues Society
Magic City Blues Society

P.O. Box 59506

Birmingham, AL 35259


Executive Board Members:


President: Jamey McMahon


Vice President: Roger Stephenson


Treasurer: Gianna Turner-Arline


Secretary: Francesca Mereu


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John Braswell

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Todd Eckstrom

Kenny McDowell


Rebecca Haack


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Librarian: Mark Giorgi