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Welcome Members
Welcome Members

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 March 2019


Greetings Blues Lovers. February has been eventful and very productive. First off I would like to recap some of the events from this past month.

Ranelli’s Jam

Brennen’s Jam

Bluestages with Robert Kimbrough.

Elaine Hudson at the Red Wolf.

Daniel Day brought in Brandon Santini. Daniel has also been extending discounts to Blues Society members for select shows. Thank You Daniel. (Another benefit of membership).

We met with Steve and his management team at Iron City and have some things in the works, stay tuned for more information.

We met with Bruce Andrews and together we are planning a joint fundraising event for September / October after the Shelby County Arts Council relocates to their new facility.

Roger, Francesca and I met with the 5 Points South Neighborhood Association and they have pledged $1200.00 in support of our Phelan Park Music Series. The MCBS would like to thank them for their generous support. We still have a long way to go to finalize all the details but this is major progress on getting this event back on track.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Cabbies Blue Brick, your response warms my heart. We have submitted our order and the brick will be revealed the week of the BMA’s. Everyone that contributed will get a framed picture of the memorial brick in late May.

New board member Brent has created a closed Facebook group that everyone is welcome to join. This was done in order to better manage information and make sure our page stays positive.

The Blues Society has declared March and April as Membership Drive Months. We would like to reach out to all the lapsed members and invite them to renew their memberships. Along with our ongoing efforts to invite new members into this thing of ours. Memberships are a major portion of our funding and they enable us to keep having such high quality musical events, such as Phelan Park (which by the way is free to the public, but still has real costs associated with it).

Looking ahead, we have the following events in the works and more coming.

March 1 Ranelli’s Jam

March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Bluestages with Elliot and the Untouchables.

March 21 Brennen’s Jam

April 27 Bob Sykes Blues Festival

May 8-9 MCBS road trip to Memphis for the Blues Music Awards. So far we have 7 people signed up, if          you are interested in joining us we will be purchasing the tickets by March 6th. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

July 21 Battle of the Blues Bands at Iron City, winners go to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge in Jan 2020.

Please stay in touch with us via our web page and our Facebook page for more updates. We have couple of big events in the works……………more info to follow.

Please renew your membership and thanks for Supporting Live Music.

Todd Eckstrom



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