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From the Prez

Rebecca Haack  | Published on 6/23/2018

Hello Magic City Blue Society members! I know… it’s been a long time. My apologies. Excuses are like…well, let’s not go there. I’ll just say it’s been a bit of a learning experience as we have been making the transition from a monthly newsletter to a “post as we go along” website.


Which we’ve been very busy with, especially board members Todd Eckstrom, Roger Stephenson, and Rebecca Haack. There has been a lot of work involved – importing the data base of our membership, figuring out how we contact members with renewal notices, figuring out how to accept online payments, figuring out the calendar, etc., etc. But we’re making progress for sure.


In the meantime, the blues keeps happening all around us and we have several events coming up. R.L. Boyce and Lightnin’ Malcolm return to Birmingham this Sunday, June 24, 3:00, for a BlueStages House Concert Party. As usual, email to reserve your spot. Bring a small chair and a small cooler and a big $20 bill to enjoy what will surely be a nice afternoon of the blues.

 Bill Abel will be at the Red Wolf on July 7th to close out the July 4th week. Check him out at

In a not-official-MCBS event, Fantastic Negrito will be making what may be his inaugural visit to Birmingham on July 19 at Saturn. The 2017 Grammy winner for Best Contemporary Blues Album has a very raw sound that is both retro and modern. I’m really looking forward to this one. Check him out at

Closing out the month of July we have the annual Battle of the Blues Bands on July 22 at Iron City. One of our marquee events of the year promises to entertain us for hours on end, again, with the very best of our local Central Alabama blues artists. For you musicians, see the news article about registering…both the solo/duo and band category winners are eligible to attend the Big Deal, the International Blue Challenge in Memphis in January of 2019. As usual, we’ll cap entries at either the end of July 15, or when we get 10 entries, whichever comes first.


And as usual, the board is working on a handful of other events – some of which will hopefully be on a scale not yet seen before in the 25-year history of the Magic City Blues Society!!!!

Jamey McMahon

Just a quick note to our members, including the lapsed members, – please log in and check your membership status here on the website. We’ve done our best to have everyone listed and to have everyone listed in the appropriate category with the correct membership time frame listed, but there is no doubt we’ve made at least one error and there is at least one of you that has totally fallen through the cracks.


But we’ll never know if you don’t help us out. And it just may be worth your while to be listed correctly!

Magic City Blues Society

P.O. Box 59506

Birmingham, AL 35259


Executive Board Members:


President: Jamey McMahon


Vice President: Roger Stephenson


Treasurer: Gianna Turner-Arline


Secretary: Francesca Mereu


Board at Large:


John Braswell

Eva Beumer


Todd Eckstrom

Kenny McDowell


Rebecca Haack


Membership: Susan LeFoy


Librarian: Mark Giorgi