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From the Prez May 2018

Rebecca Haack  | Published on 5/2/2018

Hello and welcome to the new version of “From the Prez.” Instead of my usual rundown of some of the top upcoming shows, I want to focus on the work Roger Stephenson, Todd Eckstrom, and Rebecca Haack have done in an attempt to update how the Magic City Blues Society communicates to the membership and to the public at large, how we publicize blues-centric events and bands in our area, and how we can best grow our membership. And here we are, at


It was important to the board to accomplish a few things – perhaps most importantly we wanted a way to automate all aspects of the membership process. We wanted a way to publicize various events, especially the official MCBS ones, but others too. We wanted a way to more easily accumulate the data that goes into the “Event Calendar.” We wanted a way to better sync the website, Facebook, and other digital feeds. And a few other things.


For starters, Roger and Todd got the ball rolling by exploring a few professional “club/membership” hosting sites and spending some time doing demo work with ClubExpress, one of the major players in this field, and certainly so in the blues society world. 


Rebecca Haack joined the board around this time and has ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting in going from a demo to a functioning website. Rebecca has been a great addition to the board and we’re all grateful for her jumping in…off the high dive!

Perhaps the most significant difference between the website and the prior “digital newsletter” or, if you remember, the printed version of the month newsletter (!!!) is our intent to update the website on a more regular basis. As opposed to a whole month’s newsletter appearing in an email, look for new articles/info on a weekly basis. I’ll have one on our Phelan Park #2 act Big Al & the Heavyweights in a few days.


For you bands - and this is not quite up and running yet - regarding the calendar. The MCBS feels strongly that this service we offer is worthwhile and is one we aim to continue. But I cannot express the levels of work and dedication it takes to do the calendar well. I again tip my hat to Mona Lee, who initiated contact with well over 50 bands or venues every month for years doing this chore. In the future, we believe we are going to be able to offer every “band/business” membership class of the MCBS direct access to the calendar to upload your own dates/gigs/shows. Stay tuned…


We feel pretty good about doing most of the above. There have been and I’m sure will be a few more “growing pains” as we figure out a thing or two in operating the site. So bear with us a little until we get 2-3 months under our belt. But I’m pleased with how it’s going, and hope that the new will be The Place to go for blues news in Birmingham.

Magic City Blues Society

P.O. Box 59506

Birmingham, AL 35259


Executive Board Members:


President: Jamey McMahon


Vice President: Roger Stephenson


Treasurer: Gianna Turner-Arline


Secretary: Francesca Mereu


Board at Large:


John Braswell

Eva Beumer


Todd Eckstrom

Kenny McDowell


Rebecca Haack


Membership: Susan LeFoy


Librarian: Mark Giorgi